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By Nanci Nott

Aaron Gwynaire is a Mandur-ian through and through, despite his British accent. In addition to living, breathing, and teaching music in Mandurah, he also plans to launch his second EP, 'Heart Dance Inferno' here this Sunday. 

I spoke with Aaron about the music video for his song 'Idiot', his upcoming EP launch, his passion for inspiring others, and the reasons he loves calling Mandurah home. 



It's a tongue-in-cheek love song, that I think most people will be able to relate to. Feeling love (and wanting to feel love) is universal. In the video clip I tried to capture a feeling of flawed fairytale romance by using a beautiful, dilapidated, graffiti-covered castle as the setting, to symbolise the insane range of contrasting emotions that are inevitable in any quest for unconditional love. 

I also tried to bring a funny, happy, lighthearted vibe to both the song and the video, because that's how you feel when you find real love that embraces who you are, flaws and all.

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

Basically, I aim to be an international star who plays stadium gigs to hundreds of thousands of people on my sell-out world tours. 

Seriously though, I just love making music. I love everything from songwriting, to singing, to production. I've been producing my own songs for the last year at my own studio here in Mandurah, which means I can spend a lot more time on each song than when I was recording my last EP, 'Who We Are', and paying for studio time. It also means I can experiment more, and approach my music more creatively. I wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, and mixed everything myself, which was a fantastic experience. 

I'm very lucky, because when I'm not working on (or performing) my own music, I'm teaching music, or recording other artists.

I think it's important to set an example, to show people that if you have a passion for something, you can build a life around it. That's a message I try to get across to my students, whether they are kids or adults. It's never too early, or too late, to do what you love. 

That's also the reason why I want my EP launch later this year to be about more than just me. I mean, obviously I want to promote my music and get it out there, but I also want to provide an opportunity for people in the community to perform, and show people that you can pursue a career in music if you work at it. 

I will be playing my EP songs at the launch, but most of the performances will be given by local music students who are not professional musicians, but who do have a passion for music, and who would benefit from having a chance to get out there and perform in front of a crowd. 

I'm so happy that my students at Defy Reality Music Tuition are going to have this opportunity. I feel very lucky to know such an awesome group of dedicated, enthusiastic people, and I'm really proud of all of them.



Unlike most EP launches, the launch for 'Heart Dance Inferno' won't be held at a pub or a club, because I wanted it to be a community-friendly, day-time event.

It will be held at the gazebo at Mandurah Foreshore, on Sunday November the 5th, from 11am until 3pm. 

The Mandjar Markets will be running same time, in the same place. The Mandjar Markets have a lot of good stalls, food vans, fairy floss, camel-rides, and all that sort of thing, so yeah. It should be a really fun day out for the whole family. 

I'll kick off at 11am with an acoustic set, after which there will be performances from Defy Reality Music Tuition students. 

We have Ivy, who will be playing a song she wrote on guitar, and performing it with her Dad, Surrey. Ivy is only six, but you can tell she is a rockstar in the making. 

Speaking of future rockstars, we also have Mitchell, Kiran, Tuleah, Ian, Kate, Craig, and Jett playing guitar. Tuleah and Isabella will be singing, and Isabel (Belle) will be playing keyboard. They have all been practising hard, and are really excited to get onstage and play. 

Joel Takarua is not one of my students, but he has done some recording here at Defy Reality Studios, and he will be doing a half hour set on the day. At only 17, he is finding success on his musical path, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him perform. 

Xanthe (15) and Azalia (9) will be playing a set together, with Azalia on keyboard, and Xanthe on guitar/vocals. They gel really well together musically, and I'm thrilled they chose to get involved in the launch. 

When everyone has finished their sets, I will be performing the songs from my EP, 'Heart Dance Inferno', which is exciting. It's been a year in the making, and I can't wait to get it out into the world. 




The great thing about music is that it's all about expression. Every one has something to express, and a unique perspective. You don't have to be the best musician in the world to write a great song, or create your own take on a song you love. You just need to take what's already inside you and express it. If you take the time to hone your skills and develop as an artist, that's fantastic. If it's something you don't necessarily want to pursue professionally, but you just enjoy doing it, that's fantastic too. 

Doing what you love is important, and I want to show people that it is always possible, if you're willing to put time and energy into it.


Do you feel that living and working in Mandurah has influenced your music in any way? 

Definitely. Mandurah has a very artsy vibe, which I love. It's quite a large place when you think about it, but there is a very strong sense of community here, and a lot of really great people. The City of Mandurah does an amazing job of supporting the arts, and you can really see how that benefits the community in general. 

I'm really happy I made Mandurah my home, and I definitely feel like living here has influenced me as an artist, as a teacher, and as a person. 

The video clip for 'Idiot' was set entirely in Mandurah, and I'm hoping to incorporate different aspects of Mandurah into future video clips, too.

The City of Mandurah are supporting the EP launch, and have been integral in making it become a reality, which I'm incredibly grateful for. 

I'm think it's important for people to find ways to utilise their passions to give back to their community.


My advice would be to do what makes you feel excited about life, because that's how you know you're on the right path.

For example, I am really excited about finally getting to share these songs with the world after spending the majority of my waking hours over the last year working on them. That excitement and enthusiasm keeps me focused and determined. 

If you love doing something, you can usually find a way make it a priority in your life.


Heart Dance Inferno

Aaron Gwynaire's EP, 'Heart Dance Inferno' will be launched on November 5th at Mandurah Foreshore, from 11am - 3pm. His single release, 'Idiot', is now available, along with the 'Idiot' videoclip. For more information, go to

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Aaron Gwynaire

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