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It's a tongue-in-cheek love song, that I think most people will be able to relate to. Feeling love (and wanting to feel love) is universal. In the video clip I tried to capture a feeling of flawed fairytale romance by using a beautiful, dilapidated, graffiti-covered castle as the setting, to symbolise the insane range of contrasting emotions that are inevitable in any quest for unconditional love. 

I also tried to bring a funny, happy, lighthearted vibe to both the song and the video, because that's how you feel when you find real love that embraces who you are, flaws and all.


Definitely. Mandurah has a very artsy vibe, which I love. It's quite a large place when you think about it, but there is a very strong sense of community here, and a lot of really great people. The City of Mandurah does an amazing job of supporting the arts, and you can really see how that benefits the community in general. 

I'm really happy I made Mandurah my home, and I definitely feel like living here has influenced me as an artist, as a teacher, and as a person. 

The video clip for 'Idiot' was set entirely in Mandurah, and I'm hoping to incorporate different aspects of Mandurah into future video clips, too.

The City of Mandurah are supporting the EP launch, and have been integral in making it become a reality, which I'm incredibly grateful for. 

I'm think it's important for people to find ways to utilise their passions to give back to their community.

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