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Nikola Tesla's Egg of Columbus

Yesterday we attended Tesla Expo 2017. We had no idea it was on, but a bizarre chain of events caused us to be in the right place at the right time. I love when life makes that happen! Azalia has always been fascinated by Nikola Tesla, which is why he often appears in our stories.

Nikola Tesla's Egg of Columbus

Azalia was so excited to see Tesla's Egg of Columbus in action! We had a big bag of random books with us (as we often do) so she took the opportunity to read the part in 'Zany Circus: Paradox' in which Tobelia and Nikola Tesla are discussing this wonderful egg. As you probably already know, this isn't an actual egg. It's a copper egg-like-ball rolling around in a rotating magnetic field, powered by Tesla's induction motor.

The story behind why it is called the Egg of Columbus is actually really cool, which is why Azalia wanted to read that part of the book, whilst standing next to the egg. She was so excited she could barely get her words out!

I've posted a video of Azalia and the Egg of Columbus on my Instagram page. It's adorable. I don't even think I'm being biased. The metaphor behind the naming of the so-called 'Egg of Columbus' reminds us that there is usually an alternative way of thinking (about most things), which is superior to the norm.

I can see why Azalia resonates with that.

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