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Teen Writing Club

Are you aged 11 - 18?

Do you like to write?

Come down to Jarra Infusion, grab a hot chocolate, and connect with other teen writers in a relaxed, supportive environment.

During this two hour workshop, teens will:

*Chat with an author, illustrator, and publisher.
*Discuss ideas and techniques.
*Participate in writing exercises.
*Inspire each other.
*Have fun!

Bookings are essential.

This session will be run by Xanthe Turner (Turner Books publisher and illustrator) and Nanci Nott (author) at Jarra Infusion.

Teen WritingClub


Hello History Makers!

Zany Circus: Pythagoras Rules is due for release on Sunday 22nd July 2018, and to celebrate, we will be holding a not-just-a-Book Launch at Jarra Infusion.

A not-just-a-Book-Launch is the same a normal book launch, except that it is not normal.

This not-just-a-Book Launch will be a musical party-workshop-celebration with games, kids activities, prizes, music, books, delicious Jarra Infusion cake, and Fake Pythagoras walking around in a chiton, talking about non-fake maths.

There will be a prize for the best costume. The theme is History Makers (not history breakers). You can be as creative with the theme as you want to, and there are no rules. Well, there are rules, but no one knows what they are, and you are allowed to break them.

There will be limited copies of the books for sale, but availability is not guaranteed. If you would like a signed copy of ‘Zany Circus: Pythagoras Rules’, you might be interested in one of our VIP Launch Tickets, in which you will get not-just-books for the price of just books. Free tickets (without the books and extra goodies) are also available.

Thank you so much to Jarra Infusion for hosting our not-just-a-Book Launch. Jarra Infusion is a beautiful cafe, with amazing views, funky decor, and friendly staff. If you have never tasted their hot mochas, you are missing out!

Jarra Infusion will be providing delicious cake, cut into perfectly proportioned slices of precise angular awesomeness, for our combined culinary enjoyment.

We hope to see you at 2.30pm on Sunday, July 22nd.


Esperance Public Library


Monday 22nd January, 2018


Esperance Library, Esperance, Western Australia

Join the author and illustrator of 'Zany Circus: Paradox' at Esperance Public Library these school holidays for a fun day of books, circus, and music. 

For more information, please contact Esperance Public Library on 90831500.

Cannery Arts Centre


Monday 22nd January, 2018.

1pm - 3pm

Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia

Every child is born with an imagination and a story to tell... even if they don't know it yet!

In this two hour workshop, children aged 6 - 12 will have the opportunity to work with the author and illustrator of 'Zany Circus: Paradox' to create their own picture books and short stories.

This workshop will cover the basics of story structure, character design, illustration, and more, in a fun (and easy to understand) way.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire kids to connect with their own creativity.

To book a place call James on 90713599, or email

Cannery Arts Centre


Tuesday 23rd January, 2018.

1pm - 3pm

Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia.

Whether you already play an instrument, or don't know the difference between a guitar and a kazoo, you can make music - and have fun doing it!

Join Aaron Gwynaire (singer/songwriter extraordinaire) and his fellow Defy Reality Music Tuitionist Nanci Nott, for two hours of creative sound power.

Participants (aged 6 - 12) will write and record their own song, which they will be able to keep at the end of the session.

To book a place call James on 90713599, or email

Defy Reality Music Tuition


Friday, January 12, 2018

12- 4pm

Defy Reality Studios


Poetry in Songwriting Workshop

Ages 8 - 16

Running time : 4 hours (12 - 4pm)

Cost: $30 for Defy Reality Music Tuition students (that's four hours of fun for the price of a half hour lesson!) 

$60 for everyone else (that's still a saving of $180 based on our usual half-hour lesson rate).

The aim of this workshop is to connect kids and teens with their creativity through music, poetry, and songwriting. No musical experience is necessary, although if your child does play an instrument, they should definitely bring it along! 

We provide guitars, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, drums, recording equipment, and afternoon tea. 

You should bring a water bottle, your instrument (if you have one), a notebook, a pen, and enthusiasm. 


12pm-12:30 - Getting to Know You Games and Music Theory Activities (a fun way for the kids to get to know each other, and ease into the session). 

12:30-1:00pm -  Poetry is music in words

An introduction to rhyme, rhythm, and structure in poetry, and how that relates to music.

1:15 - 1:45 - Writing Time

The children can work individually, in pairs, or in groups (whatever they prefer) to write ten lines of poetry, with guidance and support.

1:45 - 2pm Break (snacks provided) 

1:50-2:20pm - Music Composition  

The children work individually (or in groups) to create a basic chord pattern and/or a simple melody to accompany their poetry. The assistance each child receives will be determined by their individual needs.

Advanced students, or confident singers, may wish to use their poem as song lyrics, and will be assisted in composing a melody that will work for the structure of their poem. Beginner students (or children who aren't comfortable singing) may prefer to stick with spoken poetry or rap, and come up with a basic tune to accompany their poem.

2:20-2:40pm - Practise Time

2:40 - Recording Sessions/creativity games

Each child will have the opportunity to record their song to take home with them, and learn a little about music production. 

When not recording, children will be able to practice their song, and participate in activities intended to build confidence, enhance understanding, and inspire children to continue creating music at home. 

To book your child's place, call this number, email Defy Reality Studios, or message us on our Facebook page.


Who will be running the workshop? 

Defy Reality Music Tuition's Aaron Gwynaire and Nanci Nott will be facilitating this workshop, assisted by Defy Reality's junior staff member, Xanthe Turner. 

All adults associated with Defy Reality Music Tuition are WWC approved, have extensive experience in teaching, and are motivated by a genuine desire to support and encourage the next generation of creative minds. 

For more information about Defy Reality Music Tuition, please click here. 

Does my child need a musical background to participate?

No. This workshop is structured to accommodate for all ability levels, and all learning styles, regardless of previous experience. The idea is to demonstrate to children that they are capable of expressing themselves creatively. To one child, that might mean exploring musical expression for the first time. To another child, that might mean learning which notes work well together, and why. To yet another child, that might mean finding an outlet for communicating thoughts, or utilising their quirky sense of humour through funny poetry, or creating comical sounds. 

Every child has different needs and interests, and it is our mission to help children identify and work with their own unique strengths. 

Why is there such a wide age range? Wouldn't it be better to seperate the children into same-age-groups? 

No. Having a broad age group encourages children to learn through observation, teamwork, and osmosis (okay, maybe not osmosis). Part of creating a supporting learning environment involves allowing real-life learning opportunities to occur. 

Feel free to contact us for more information about our events schedule.

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