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PRE-ORDER – Raising Rebels

Available December 5th, 2019.
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‘Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice From The Girl Your Parents Warned You About’ cuts to the core of common concepts with compassionate – and often controversial –  wisdom. This book is a highlights reel of guidance from one of the world’s most sought-after Radical Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting advocates. Characteristically, Dayna’s content runs counter to current cultural convention, with undeniably solid logic woven throughout each page.

Dayna Martin is passionate about promoting a peaceful lifestyle of respect and freedom. She has helped thousands of families through her international speaking events, television appearances, personal coaching, and books. Dayna hopes ‘Raising Rebels’ will reach the people who need it most, whether that be parents already embracing the lifestyle, or those seeking to benefit from the life-changing potential of knowing there are alternatives to society’s default attitudes.

“The old paradigm of parenting has shown us again and again that it simply does not work. Parenting as we once knew it is outdated and damaging.”
-	Dayna Martin, “Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice From The Girl Your Parents Warned You About”, 2019. 

‘Raising Rebels’ asks readers, “What if we lived the respect for our children that we demand they have for us?” and, “We hear words like rebellion and chalk it up to normalcy, but what if there was nothing to rebel against?”