Raising Rebels: Parenting advice from the girl your parents warned you about

Raising Rebels: Parenting advice from the girl your parents warned you about


Raising Rebels is a highlights reel of guidance from one of the world's most sought-after Peaceful Parenting and Radical Unschooling advocates. Dayna Martin cuts to the core of common concepts with compassion, kindness, and unconventional wisdom, urging us to reframe outdated parenting perspectives to forge a freer future for our families. 


Raising our children is the most revolutionary act we are likely to accomplish in our lifetime. 


We need to reject the cultural norms of the society in which we live.


We need to oppose, and therefore change, the way we view the purpose of parenting. 


We need to be rebels, to raise rebels. 



About The Author

Dayna Martin is an activist, an educator, and the author of, 'Radical Unschooling', 'Sexy Birth', and 'Raising Rebels'. Dayna is a featured speaker at major parenting and education conferences worldwide. She is a peaceful parenting coach, doula, midwife, anarchist, raw vegan chef, and owner of the raw vegan business, Rawk Starz. Dayna travels the world, helping families change their parenting paradigm.

Dayna been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, CNN, Nightline, The Jeff Probst Show, Wife Swap, Fox News, 60 Minutes and the Bethenny Show. She was used as an informational resource for Unschooling stories on the Discovery Channel, The Today Show, Our America, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

"Radical Unschooling is an evolution of our understanding about learning, and the rights and respect of children. We are on the cusp of change and many people are looking for alternatives to the traditional schooling model. With Unschooling, we are reprioritizing. We are taking back our freedom and putting happiness, connection, and family first!"

- Dayna Martin  


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