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Mandurian Stories


Mandurian Stories Update

In light of the recent events with coronavirus, I have decided to extend the deadline for Mandurian Stories all the way to September! That’s an extra five months for you to work on an artwork, story, poem, photograph, or anything else you can think of, to enter into the book!

I would love to encourage any families to use this as an opportunity to explore creative writing and art. You can even set a fun challenge for yourself and your children by creating a non-fiction work, teaching them how to research and fact check their sources.

No kids? No problem! You can still enter! This opportunity is open to all ages and backgrounds!

The only major conditions that apply to Mandurian Stories submissions is that your work is suitable for an audience of all ages, and that if your entries include real people, you must have their permission.

Your works can be any word count, non-fiction or fiction, and from any genre.

If you want to create an art work, you can enter anything that can be scanned or photographed. On the topic of photos, those can be submitted, too!

Just make sure that if there are any people in your photos, you have their permission to enter it.

Do you have any questions, or a work you would like to submit? Send an email to:

Don’t know what Mandurian stories is? Watch this video of last year’s launch!