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Congratulations, Mandurian Stories Contributors!

November 18, 2019

FYA: Unleashing Change-makers

November 18, 2019

Mandurian Stories, Wearable Art, Poetry, Painting, and Animals...

April 22, 2019

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Art, music, circus, and stories.


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Xanthe Turner loves drawing so much, she has developed callouses on her drawing hand, and is rarely seen without a sketchbook. Her natural habitat is a novel-filled bedroom.
In addition to illustrating (and publishing) books, Xanthe enjoys creating comics, fan art, sculptures, cosplay, and paintings. Xanthe plays guitar and piano (not at the same time) and her life goal is to befriend a sentient robot.  

Nanci Nott likes writing for children almost as much as she loves reading with them. Her own three children are particularly fun to read and write with. Nanci Nott believes in the abolishment of boredom, and the presence of play in education. She loves persuading people to pursue their particular passions, adores alliteration, and stays up way too late.

Azalia Turner's quirky wit, word-smithing capabilities, and love of circus make her an indespensible Turner Books team member.

Zaedyn Turner is our resident YouTuber. He loves spiders, video games, books, art, and chemical reactions.