Zany Circus: Paradox (FREE PDF)

Zany Circus: Paradox (FREE PDF)


Join the Zany Circus kids as they navigate a hilarious world of magic, history, and science in fiction.


Imagine you live in a circus, and never go to school. You’re free to play pranks, read books, and hang upside down to your hearts content.


That’s what life is like for Zandee, Tobelia, and Kadin Zany. Until a teacher arrives to shower the circus in actual school work, nostril scarves, speckled mice, and spiders.


What spooky secret is the teacher hiding? Where did Nikola Tesla come from, and where have all the moths gone?


What happens if you break the number one rule of time travel?


'Zany Circus: Paradox' is the first book in the Zany Circus series. It contains extension activities which can be incorporated into lesson plans at school, or used for family-fun-times at home.


'Zany Circus: Paradox' is best served with dessert, and enjoyed as a read-aloud experience the whole family will love.