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Aulexic - Not just an ordinary publishing house

Before I explain why I love Aulexic, let's take a look at this super-cute photograph.

Here, you can see Azalia Turner, in her (unnatural) habitat. Azalia doesn't usually volunteer to sell books at market stalls.

She prefers reading books to selling them.

But for Aulexic, she is always willing to make an exception.

Aulexic is the publishing imprint of Rebecca Laffar-Smith, who is an author, publisher, mother, teacher, and advocate for children's literacy. Aulexic is more than just an ordinary publishing house.

On the Aulexic website, Rebecca says, "We’ve found young readers of all ability levels learn to love reading, and find the learning to read process easier, when they’re inspired by engaging stories, compelling characters, and interest- (rather than age - or ability) -appropriate content. At Aulexic, we’re dedicated to producing the books kids love to read. We believe in scaffolding learning, strong reader support, and shared reading experiences. We’re also committed to minimising the challenges struggling readers face when developing their language and literacy abilities."

We think that is pretty awesome!

In 2015, Aulexic was born, along with the 'P.I Penguin' series, which Rebecca Laffar-Smith wrote with her two children, Kaylie and Josh, under the name Bec J. Smith.

Check out this gorgeous photo of Azalia and Zaedyn reading 'P.I Penguin and the Case of the Lost Little Penguin'.

Azalia and Zaedyn Turner, reading 'P.I Penguin and the Case of the Little Lost Penguin'.

So cute!

This is what the Aulexic website has to say about the creation of the P.I Penguin books;

I think the story of how P.I Penguin was born is nothing short of inspiring!

In 2016, Aulexic released the excellent YA book, 'Jenna's Truth', by Nadia L King. The description on the website reads, "Jenna’s just a teenager who wants to fit in. But popularity turns to infamy when two 'friends' spark a controversy that alters her life forever. Can she discover Jenna's Truth before it's too late?"

Click here to buy 'Jenna's Truth' by Nadia L King

'Jenna's Truth' is a fantastic book for teens with dyslexia and/other literacy difficulties. As well as being printed using the Dyslexie font (like all Aulexic titles), Nadia L King sensitively handles the heartbreaking (but relevant) themes of cyber-bullying and suicide. At around 6,000 words, it is an achievable read for teens who struggle to get through heavier books.

Aulexic also published 'Zany Circus: Paradox' (in print) before Turner Books released the revised ebook.

The Aulexic print edition of 'Zany Circus: Paradox' is unique for several reasons.

First and foremost, it was printed with the Dyslexie font, in order to make the story more accessible for children with dyslexia. Very few books are printed using this specialised font, but Aulexic uses it in all their books.

Secondly, the Aulexic print edition includes ten pages of Australian Curriculum connections, ranging from year three to year seven. It's amazing how much learning can be inspired by one story. Rebecca Laffar-Smith has made it easy for this book to be utilised by schools, teachers, and homeschooling parents who follow the Australian Curriculum. This feature is not included in the ebook.

Lastly, the Aulexic print edition of 'Zany Circus: Paradox', which differs slightly from the Turner Books version, is a limited release. There are only 250 copies of this edition in the world, and once those exclusive copies are sold, they will be very hard to buy.

If you are a book collector, a teacher, or a trapeze artist, you can click here to buy the limited edition Aulexic print version of 'Zany Circus: Paradox'. Signed copies are available on request.

In addition to specialty books, Aulexic produces beautiful learning resources, informative blogposts, The Literate Child podcast, and more. Aulexic's aim is to improve literacy outcomes for children across the world, especially those with dyslexia, autism, and specific language impairment.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith is passionate, creative, and awesome. These attributes shine through in everything she does, including the immense amounts of energy she channels into Aulexic.

This is why we love Aulexic. It's not just an ordinary publishing house. It's a one-woman labour of love, with a mission.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith


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