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The Reviewing - 'Ambulance Girls' by Deborah Burrows

THE REVIEWING of ‘Ambulance Girls’ by Deborah Burrows

Reviewed by Xanthe Turner

'Ambulance Girls' is a fantastic book, set during the London Blitz. The story is told through the eyes of Lily Brennan, who drives an ambulance, and helps people after the buildings collapse around them from the bombs.

I love how this book doesn’t sugar coat what happened, but it puts emphasis on the good things, and how people coped, and how life really would have been back then. I admire the amount of work put into this book.

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David Levy is one of Lily Brannan’s best friends. He helps her drive the ambulance and take care of the people. He is her comrade, and they work together. At the part of the book I am up to right now, David Levy has disappeared and Lily is trying to find him, with the help of his friend (and her love interest), Jim.

I was at the author talk for this book. So much time, thought, and research was put into the writing of this book, and the author is such a lovely person. I found the author talk interesting and inspiring.

I love going to author talks because it lets you see through the author’s point of view, and helps you understand what it was like writing the book, and creating the characters. It makes you feel closer to the characters in the books.

I really like the fact that the protagonist (Lily Brennan) is from Western Australia, which is mentioned several times throughout the book. I love that, because it adds depth.

I would recommend this book for people aged fifteen and older. It’s good but there are some harsh themes in it. I would also recommend this book to people who love history, and who are interested in reading about this certain period of time.

Below are links to where you can find the book, and the audiobook. If you have read 'Ambulance Girls', I would love to hear what you though of it. Remember, no spoilers in comments please!

You can learn more about Deborah Burrows here. If you have read her books, please consider leaving her an honest review on Goodreads or Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed, 'The Reviewing - Episode 2.1'.

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