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Going to see Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium


By Azalia Turner (age 9)

Going to see 'Earth's Prehistoric Aquarium' was very exciting! I loved how interactive the show was. The actors and puppeteers were awesome! I liked it even more than 'Erth's Dinosaur Zoo', which was amazing.

Before the show started, the puppeteers asked me, Xanthe, and Zaedyn if we would like to be part of the show as 'interns'. Of course we said yes! They took us backstage and we put on our costumes. We were excited to be part of the performance.

During the show, I learned that there is a fossil named Eric. I also learned that Drew is comedic, and that it was his birthday. Actually, I learned a lot of things!

The most exciting part was probably when we were shown around backstage. It was awesome. Behind the tank there was a giant room, and behind that room was like - I think it was a sound effects room? There were heaps of pistons and pulleys and stuff, and it was really cool. And there was a dressing room. It was just really cool.

If someone could only see 5 minutes of the show, they should watch the part with the giant bioluminescent jelly-fish.

I got to hold one of the puppets. I almost dropped it on the floor because the giant metal stick was really heavy. I think it would be quite hard to be a puppeteer in a show like that.

My favourite creature was the giant bioluminescent angler fish. It was just so detailed and gory! Penny dreadful gory. The food in its mouth didn't look like food. I feel like they got someone's dirty washing - someone who wears greys and greens - and put them all in one wash, but secretly that wash mushed the clothes all together, and then they put it in the mouth of the angler fish.

I think everyone should go and see the show. Marine animals are majestic. Can I just say #marineismajestic. I like hash tagging things.


By Zaedyn Turner (age 6)

It felt fun to be on the stage. They weren't dinosaurs. They were prehistoric marine creatures. It wasn't scary, because they were fake. The most fun part was being on the stage with Drew when he holded the ginormous fake marine creature.

Sadly, only one of the creatures got saved. I hope if there is a Part 2, so we can save the other marine creatures, and find out what happens to the babies.

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